Frequently Asked Questions

Registration & Login
You can register as a normal user or as a mentor. To register, click on the ‘Register’ link available on the top right corner of the home page. Select the ‘Mentor’ or ‘User’ button and fill the minimum required field and press the ‘Register’ button. You will be redirected to the OTP verification page. Enter OTP received on your registered mobile number. After OTP confirmation, you will be redirected to the profile section. If you are registering as a mentor, certain details in your profile are mandatory. If you are registering as a mentor, your profile will go through screening, which is done within 24 hours from the registration, but you can still log in and perform all functions as a normal user.
On the login page, go to the ‘Forgot Password’ link. Enter your registered mobile number and press the ‘Forgot Password’ button. You will receive OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter ‘OTP’ and press the ‘Verify OTP’ button. Upon successful OTP validation, you will be asked for a new password.
Login to your account and go to the ‘Profile’ section. We encourage you to fill in more relevant details, especially for the mentors, profile details are mandatory. For mentors, Location, Profile Headline, Profile Summary, and Mentorship Skills are mandatory fields.
Login to your account and use the ‘Become Mentor’ option available on the profile section. You will be asked to fill in details required for becoming a mentor. Once you submit details, your profile will go through a screening process, which usually takes 24 hours.
The main difference between the normal user profile and mentor profile is that mentors can create courses, therefore requires admin approval, while a normal user profile doesn’t require any approval Normal user registration is required for booking courses. If your purpose is to learn from the mentor, normal user registration is sufficient for you. If you want to become a mentor, functionalities required for a mentor role will be only available once your profile is approved as a mentor.
Course Listing and mentors functions
Only mentors can create courses. If you have a mentor profile, login to your Spactre account and click on ‘Add Course’ button available on the top right corner. You will be redirected to the course listing page. Please follow the 3 steps processes to create your course: Plan Your Course Course Name: Choose a brief name which is representative of your course ( e.g Social Media Marketing Advance Course) Course Image: Choose the best image related to your course Course Category: Choose the best category related to your course Course Topic: Choose topic(s)/key word related to your course ( e.g Yoga, Fitness, Weight Loss, Nutrition) Add Mentor: You can add an additional mentor if required Course Sponsor: You can use this field if your course is facilitated by any brand/organization/association ( e.g Amazon, Google, Run for Unity) Skill Learned: Choose skills learned from the course ( e.g Facebook Ad, Google Ad, Influencer Marketing ) Course Short Description: Concise USP of your course in 20-50 words ( e.g Learn advance digital marketing from the top master. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Social Media, SEO, and many more tools and technologies are covered in the course) Course Type: If you are not charging any fee from customers, choose free course type. If you are charging any fee, choose the ‘Paid’ type. Fill ‘Course Price’ and ‘Course Discount’ . Course Price is inclusive of GST. If you want to offer any discount on the course, mention (%) discount value in the ‘Course Discount’ field. For example, if MRP of your course is Rs 5000, inclusive of GST and you want to offer 20% discount, then enter following values: <Course Price: 5,000> and < Course Discount: 20> Your final sales price would be 80% of 5,000= Rs 4,000 What You Will Learn: Expected learnings from the course Course Prerequisites: Any prerequisite for the course, such as age, gender, prior knowledge etc. Course Description: Detailed description of your course. The description should be informative enough for the customers to make booking decisions Location and Batch You can add multiple address locations. The full address is visible to the customer after booking, however, users can see ‘Location Type’ and ‘Area’ for any course. Please use the address details to accurately capture the course location. You can add more than one locations The course can have multiple batches. Enter ‘Batch Name’, ‘Seating Capacity’ and select ‘Batch Location’. ‘Seating Capacity’ is maximum booking allowed for the course from Spactre. For example, if maximum strength for your course is 10 users and you have reserved 3 seats for other sources and you want to avail rest 7 seats for Spactre, then mention ‘Seating Capacity’ 7. Plan Your Class Fill the required class details. You can add classes using the ‘Add New Class’ button. If you have more than one batch, then for each class, you need to provide ‘Batch & Location’ details. Once you have completed all 3 steps, your course details will be scrutinized by our onboarding team. You will be contacted by our representative within 24 hours for any course listing related queries/suggestions. Your course would be live upon approval.
Yes, we have partner locations. If you want to use our facilities, please reach out to us through customer care contact.
There are many options available for online courses. We believe that real class experience and capable mentorship options are very limited and we are focusing on solving that problem.
Login to your Spactre account, go to the Profile section and ‘Course’ tab. Use the ‘Edit Course’ option available for your course. However, you can’t alter course content if your course is booked and the course is not over yet.
Booking and Payments
Go to your profile section and use the ‘Booked Courses’ option
Spactre doesn’t charge any commission fee for ‘Free’ courses. Spactre charges a 21% commission on booking amount for each booking made through its platform. The amount is paid to mentors after deducting taxes and commission within 5-7 days of the course completion date
Mentors can find payment details at Profile - Payment History - Received Amount
Users can cancel the course booking up to one day before the course start date. Course booking cancellation option is available under ‘Profile’ - ‘Enrolled Courses’. The complete paid amount will be refunded within 5-7 business days. After attending the first class if the user doesn’t find course experience as per expectation, the user can ask for a refund by writing to customer care. We have no questions ask refund policy. Mentors are not paid any amount for the canceled or refunded course.
Mentors can fill bank details form available on Profile - Account Settings - Bank Details. Please upload the canceled cheque image. If you have GST number, please write to our customer care.
Mentors can’t cancel courses/classes under normal circumstances. For exceptional reasons, please reach out to customer care for canceling courses/classes. Any course/class cancellation will impact the rating of the mentor and course.
Rating and Reviews
Learners can rate and review the course after attendance confirmed by the mentor. Once the mentor has confirmed your attendance, the rating and review option will be available under Profile - Enrolled Courses
Learners are encouraged to provide honest experience about the course. Their feedback is valuable for mentors and other users. Positive reviews and a good rating will improve course visibility on Spactre platform.
Customer Care
Please write to us at We’ll get back as soon as possible