In today’s fast-changing challenging world, we need to continuously reinvent ourselves to survive and thrive. Irrespective of our age and profession, acquiring new knowledge and capabilities helps us in consistently becoming a better version of ourselves.


No matter at what stage we are in life or career, it is invaluable to have a mentor who has gone through the same journey and is committed to our potential. 

Mentors can assist us in unlocking potential, reinforcing strengths, overcoming weaknesses, and accelerating learning. 

They can pass their learnings, knowledge, and perspective that they have gained through their own experience, success, and failures. 

Spactre’s mission is to build a community of passionate mentors and curious learners to facilitate joyful learning and elevate the world’s knowledge. We believe that with passion, determination, and guidance we can achieve anything


Using Spactre platform mentors can create ‘real’ classes in their areas of expertise and passion. Our mentor onboarding process ensures that truly genuine and passionate people are given the mentor’s mantle. 

People looking for guided learning for any skill can discover the best mentors around them, participate in ‘real’ classes, and learn from the masters and peers